Welcome to LLL of Madison

50th logo

Here’s our first attempt at blogging, helping to spread the word that La Leche League is here in the Madison area with breastfeeding help and information. Please see the “What is La Leche League?” page to learn more about us.

LLL of Madison was established 42 years ago and has grown to include four East and West side groups meeting in the mornings and evenings, a group for multiples and a group in the fast-growing Verona.

We are currently a Chapter of thirteen Leaders with six groups meeting around Madison, Middleton and Verona. Please see this page for more information about when these groups meet.

You can see the LLLI conference logo above. There are 5 Leaders who will be attending. We had a successful garage sale fundraiser in May and two Leaders received scholarships from LLL of Wisconsin. These conferences are very expensive, but Leaders are at least being helped with part of the costs for this educational opportunity. LLLI conferences are unique opportunities to gain current breastfeeding information. There is so much to do and learn at the conference that it is hard to choose! This is the last international conference that LLLI will be offering (although there will be educational conferences continuing with LLL of Wisconsin.


One thought on “Welcome to LLL of Madison

  1. This is an awesome site and blog. The colors and pics are great. A little slice of insight to what the Madison Chapter has to offer. Thanks for your hard work Laurel.

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